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I, Talia, love to dance. My favourite style of dance is lyrical. I love the feel of the music and the fluidity of the movement. This year I am very excited to be invited into point class. Being up on my toes is so thrilling. When I am not at the dance studio you can find me in the yard dancing or moving all my Mom’s furniture to make a dance space inside.
My favourite colour is blue. This colour reminds me of the lake I like to swim in and the sky where I can loose myself in my imagination. My imagination takes me on so many adventures and helps me come up with exciting ideas. I especially like to share these ideas with my friends, I have some very encouraging and supportive friends. I think that my imagination also helps me to find creative solutions to problems.

I hope you come again,
Sincerely Talia

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Talia, i’m Meg from Australia. I’m a dancer to! My favorite dance style is either lyrical/contemporary or tap. I think dance is really great and i totally agree with what you said about the way it makes you feel. I think it’s pretty cool i can talk to someone from across the world about something i love to. Love your blog Talia, from Meg.

    • Hi Meg,
      Thank you for your comment. I think it’s amazing that someone somewhere else in the world is reading my blog. I’ve heard of contemporary it sounds really fun but I have never done it before. I will make sure to read and comment on your blog.

  2. Hey Talia,
    I really like your about me post because it explains things that you like. My favorite color is also blue and I do not know how to dance that much. I think I should practice because it looks fun but I am very shy person. My blog is https://dariana7pm.edublogs.org so you can visit or comment.

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