Cat or Dog?

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Do you prefer cats or dogs? I personally like dogs. These are some reasons swhy.

  1. Dogs have saved hundreds of life
  2. Dogs are always happy to see you when you come home
  3. Dogs are loyal companion
  4. Some breeds of dogs can sense early signs of cancer
  5. Dog are great vacuum cleaners

Leave a comment below what you prefer cat or dog and why.


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7 thoughts on “Cat or Dog?

  1. Hey Tailia! My name is Paige! I really enjoyed your blog about either cats or dogs. I agree to, I mean its so amazing how an adorable puppy saves lives. It is so awesome! I think its funny how dogs can be vacuum cleaners! I have a rottweiler and I used to have a lot of other dogs, I even had my own! Do you have a pet or dog? I have a lot of animals. I think its really cute when they greet you at the door when you come home. Did you know they can sense your feelings. Well,thanks for sharing your blog about cats or dogs. I really enjoyed it. Come visit my blog at

    • Hi Paige,
      Thank you so much for commenting. It’s so cool that dogs can sense your feelings I never knew that. I have two dogs one’s full of energy and the others really lazy. I hope you come back and visit my blog again sometime and I’ll make sure to visit yours yours.

  2. I personally like dogs better than cats. I totally agree on why you like dogs are better. I don’t have a dog, do you? I was babysitting a dog for 17 days and I never knew it took so much responsibility. I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and take him out for a long time. And then after school I had to walk him again. Plus, I have a lot of homework. Well, please visit my blog at

    • Hi Radhika,
      Yes dogs are a big responsibility take a lot of work. I have two dogs
      and my mom has to walk them every day. I will make sure to check out your blog.Thank you for commenting.

  3. Hi Talia!
    I’m sorry that I haven’t commented on any of your posts yet, I will try to comment more.
    Personally, I like cats, but dogs are super cute too! I like how they are used in rescue situations, I know that if I was ever lost or hurt, I’d like to be rescued by a dog.
    Did you know that dogs can detect changes in a human’s heart rate? Kind of creepy, but useful for sure.
    This post was great! Thank you!
    ~Chantal <3

    • Hi Chantel,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. It is pretty cool that dogs rescue so many people. It’s so cool that dogs can detect changes in the human heart rate I didn’t know that before. I’ll make sure to comment on your blog.

  4. Hi Talia,
    I actually like cats better. Well, that’s through personal experience. I’ve always had cats, and I only got my dog in 2010. My dog is hyper and licks people until he runs out of slobber. He doesn’t run out of slobber. I also have a cat that is a LOT lazier than my dog. I am lazy too so we get along that way. That is why I like cats better.


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