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Over this past week our class has been learning about early humans. In peculiar fashion the following question popped up, “What would it be like if you were not a homosapien sapien and were instead perhaps an Australopithecus?” I think I would like to tell you why it might be fun to be an Australopithecus.

First of all, Australopithecus can climb trees. I mean they were really good at climbing trees, perhaps better even than Koala bears. This ability is a great survival skill. If you are off the ground you are out of reach from predators like big cats and giant ground snakes. Another good thing about climbing trees is that your dinner, lunch and breakfast are all likely to be right where you are hanging around. Climbing a fruit or nut bearing tree means that you are likely to never go hungry. Being in a tree also gives you the advantage of being able to spot things from far away. From a distance you can decide if things are good or bad before they are a problem to you. Given the number of birds who make trees their homes I think it is safe to say that branches and leaves make great nests, and what can be more cozy or warm than a nest in a tree. It is quite possible that the original rock a bye baby song actually comes from this time as mother would rock their babies to sleep in nests, the only danger would be to have the wind come up and make the nest fall. Sticks would be handy for making tools too, if any Australopithecus had been smart enough to make tools: which they were not. On this point we can also observe that there are no holes in trees, which is an advantage if you are not smart enough to figure how to get out of a hole once you have fallen in. Holes were a problem worth solving for Australopithecus.

If you cannot be smart you might as well be safe and good looking. Australopithecus had a flat nose similar to Voldemort in Harry Potter. It was very attractive and went well with the fact that they really had no chins and their foreheads sloped over their eyes. It is certainly a look that seems to be coming back if you look at all of those selfies out there with their chins pulled back into their necks and their squinty little eyes. Having a sloped forehead would be helpful I guess if you are making your way through the branches of a tree and trying not to bump your head. It would also be a big disadvantage if you fell into a hole because you could not easily see how to get out without craning your neck. To finish off the look they had very furry feet. This has become very popular since the Lord of the Rings movies came out and introduced us to Hobbits. It is also pretty useful when you really like warm socks. For Australopithecus, your wool socks are attached. Come to think of it, Australopithecus would also have come with a built in sweater and wool pants: cozy.

There’s also evidence that they lived in Australia. In my opinion this is one of the greatest reasons for wanting to be an Australopithecus. You could hang out in a tree and have an argument with a koala bear, or hang out over a river and tease a crocodile. Pretty cool given the fact that you could do both with that wicked Australian accent. It is also a lot better than living on the plains in Africa and having an argument with a lion or a cheetah. At least with a koala you get to wrestle with something cute and fuzzy. When you try to pick and argument with a lion or a cheetah you will likely end up as breakfast before you finish your first sentence.

In conclusion, being an Australopithecus would be pretty desirable given that you can hang out in trees all day, look great and cuddle with adorable koala bears.

Sincerely Talia




The Irony of Irony

Vintage Sticker question mark Hello and Welcome,

Have you ever wondered if your life is meant to be an example of irony? Every time I am away from my blog I have loads of ideas as to what to write about. As soon as I open my planner and see “blogging” as an assignment, all of my ideas vanish into the oblivion of lost thoughts. That is ironic. No thought ever comes back from the oblivion! That is really sad because some thoughts are really, really good, but they are just gone forever, never to be thought of again. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get your old thoughts back. This is especially ironic if you had the thoughts when you did not need them, but when you do need them, all you get is nothingness. Have you ever had the same problem? How many of you have great ideas that just seem to disappear when you need them most?

Now I am wondering what oblivion would look like? Endless words in black ink floating around in a lost black emptiness hole of dark nothingness? That would be ironic. Things that are meant to be read in a place where no one can see them let alone read them because they just blend into the background of nothingness. It would be like trying to read in the dark. Or do they run away to become someone else’s thoughts? That would be ironic because I thought they were lost but someone else just found them. Or do they become real people and things living on the other side of nothingness? Weird!

This thought is troubling and ironic because the more I learn the more I wonder if my thoughts get lost in the endless jumble of algebra problems and questions as to where things are on the map. That is weird too because it means the more you learn in school the more confused you become and the more likely you will lose your own ideas. It all leaves me with only one real thought, why am I stuck with this thing called irony? I want a good thought but none appears when I have a head full of tumbledown ideas, especially when I really need a good thought right now: irony!

Irony makes no sense! I am sorry if this blog makes no sense. My brain is a scrambled up egg sandwich! If something is supposed to work out a certain way, why can it not just work out that way? Why does it have to have this sad twist? Or worse, why does it have to work out the opposite of the way it should work out? How is this blogging thing supposed to work? Are you confused yet? I am writing rather clearly about how I have lost all of my ideas right when I most need them. Really I am writing about irony: when things work out unexpectedly. For instance right now I have completed my blog despite having no ideas what so ever! I am now off to bed where I must contend with the troll under my bed … Or in my closet … Either way the lights will stay on just when I most need a nice dark place to go to sleep: irony!

Sincerely, Talia

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Remembrance: Did He Ever Get a Letter

Did He Ever Get a Letter?

In rain-soaked northern France and Belgium, trenches during much of the year degenerated into muddy ditches. This added to the misery of trench life, and could also result in the collapse of trench walls and parapets.

Did he ever get a letter?
Did he read it over and over again?
Was the letter the only thing
that would help him bear the cold, wet nights
in the trenches.?
Was it from his wife who prayed for him every night
or his daughter,
his little girl?
Did he hold it close to his heart?
Did he write back?
Did he get a letter?

Sweet and Savory Pies

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Just imagine a warm apple pie late in the fall, pumpkin pie for thanksgiving,  your mom making you delicious shepherds pie for dinner  or maybe a Bacon and egg pie . As you can tell I love pie. I am going to tell you what I know about pie.

Blackberry Pie 956px
My favorite thing about pie is how you can decorate them . I really like to do a lattice design on the top of apple pies it looks really cool. You can make a lattice design by cutting out long strips of the leftover piecrust.  Laying the pastry strips horizontally and vertically across the pies surface, weave each strip over and under each other.  Decorating a pie is not just to make it look good.  In Victorian times they began identifying the pies contents with decorations on top of the pie.  They also began placing a porcelain figure on top to release the steam.  A good pie would have steam coming out from the porcelain figure.  A song bird pie would have a porcelain song bird in the middle of the crust or an extra piece of pastry in the shape of a song bird in the middle of the crust.
Blackberry pie and ice cream, 2006

The history of pie is very interesting. It started out as a way to save room on long voyages.  Instead of bringing the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and all the live animals the travellers brought different types of meat pies.  Pies were made all over the world such as in Egypt and Ancient Greece.  Over time people have evolved the recipe of pies. In th beginning the pie caseing was simply there to keep the meat juices in and not meant to be eaten.   From there people made an eatable crust with sweet insides like fruits, nuts, and berries.  My favourite pie is blackberry pie a la mode ( with ice cream).  On a funny note pie throwing is the most recent evolution of the pie.  Filling a pie plate with whipped cream and splatting it in someone’s face can be quite amusing.

I hope you learned something about pie. Tell me if you have ever made a pie and which is your favourite type of pie.

Sincerely, Talia

The Blood Red Cape

I ran down the path with my heart pounding in my chest. With each step I went deeper into the forest my red cape flying behind me. I reach for the dagger I always hid in my boot but it was gone.It must’ve fallen out while I was running. I heard him behind me which made me run faster than I ever had before.I know why he is chasing me, I know. But I can’t think of that now, any second he was going to catch me.


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Cat or Dog?

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Do you prefer cats or dogs? I personally like dogs. These are some reasons swhy.

  1. Dogs have saved hundreds of life
  2. Dogs are always happy to see you when you come home
  3. Dogs are loyal companion
  4. Some breeds of dogs can sense early signs of cancer
  5. Dog are great vacuum cleaners

Leave a comment below what you prefer cat or dog and why.


Cuteness Up Close

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